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Cardigans are such an easy and fun way to add a cute and trendy look to your wardrobe. Cardis are such versatile pieces that can really take your outfit from boring and basic to fun and fabulous. You can easily pair our boutique cardigans with your favorite tops or blouses, dresses, skirts, and bottoms. Our cardigans are the perfect staple that you need to transform your look! It doesn’t matter if you are aiming to look dressed up or dressed down, there are so many cute cardigans for you to choose from at Candy Rose.

There’s so much that you can do with our boutique cardigans! If you are on the hunt for bright and colorful cardigans to throw on over your basic top or one of our chenille cardigans to wear over your floral blouse, you can find them online here. Take our fun rompers into fall with our knit cardigans and crochet cardigans. Our black cardigans are a perfect basic cardigan to make a statement with any piece in your closet. Striped cardigans are perfect for any season, but are especially fun as a spring cardigan or fall cardigan.

Perfect For Any Season!

Can you only wear cardigans during certain seasons? That’s the fun thing about cardis. You can wear them anywhere and at any time of the year. We have knit cardigans and crochet cardigans that are ideal for cooler month. Our long cardigans are a perfect transitional piece from warmer months into cooler months. Striped cardigans can be worn year-round. We have so many cute cardigans online that we would hate to limit it to just one season! Need winter cardigans or maybe even summer cardigans? You can get exactly you’re looking for here!

Our spring cardigans, like our more colorful cardigans, are the perfect way to carry those winter trends longer into the season with a fun and effortless little twist! Summer cardigans are so light and airy! You can easily throw these cardis on over any cami or tank and head to the office. Our fall cardigans, like our long black cardigans or duster cardigans, are perfect to layer up and accessorize. Chenille cardigans have been a hit this last year and they are our favorite kind of winter cardigan! These cardis are so soft and perfect to snuggle up with and stay cozy, yet fashionable, during those chilly months!

Find Your Fit!

Found your favorite cardigan, but don’t know where to go from here? The hardest part of finding which one of our many cardis to take home with you is behind you! To make it easier on you to find your size, we’ve included a sizing chart and a detailed description to find your perfect size. Are long cardigans scaring you away because of length? Don’t let it! At Candy Rose we measure the length for our duster cardigans and included model information so you can see how it could look on you!